About Jill Gibson

During my six years of living and studying in Florence, Italy, I fell in love with the traditional Mediterranean garden as an environment for displaying works of fine art. When I returned to the states, I wanted to bring back some of that sensibility to my own garden and then share it with my friends. The resulting artworks were so well received and in such demand that a business sprang up overnight.

My Gibson Artworks Collection is an original, contemporary line of cast stone sculpture I’ve developed for the home and garden. This line includes wall plaques, planters, bowls, tiles, sculptures and fountains. My signature goes on these works only after I feel I have created a tranquil image to compliment the natural grace of your home and garden. All works are individually cast, sealed, and hand finished with a patina, which renders each a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of lasting value.

Drawing from a diverse background in photography, music, painting, and sculpture, I continue to work in various mediums at my studio in Oakland, California. My developing style is influenced by my affection for Classical Indian sculpture and pre-Indo European imagery. I believe, through creative design and fine workmanship, cast stone can be raised to a level equal to that of the other decorative arts.

I have studied at UCLA, The Art Student’s League in New York, and The Simi Studio in Florence, Italy. My work has been shown in fine galleries in Italy, Holland, Germany, and throughout the United States during the past 25 years. I am in numerous private collections, including those of Jack Nicholson, Max Factor, Eric and Lisa Lidow, Michael Savage, The Seattle Museum, and the Los Angeles Free Clinic, among others.